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X-lite is a soft-SIP-phone. It is the free (a little limited) version of Counterpath's Eyebeam.


Tip's 'n Tricks

  • When in conversation, press CTRL-F9 to see
    X-lite debug-screen
    some debug-information about the network-speed and codecs used.
  • If the connection fails after a few (tens of) seconds, check if both sides use the same codecs and disable all other codecs
  • If the connection still fails after a period of time, try un-checking Send SIP keep-alives on the advanced section of your SIP account.
  • If the other party cannot (or can hardly) hear you, check the recording-mixer settings of the mic to see if some other program may have touched the mixer-settings.
  • eyeBeam 1.5 FAQ

Things related to bandwidth usage

See the Controlling Bandwidth section.

X-lite 2.0 (linux)

Documentation very limited on this linux version of the softphone. Menu entries that need to be set:

Enabled: Yes 
Username: 200 (my extension)
Authorization User: 200 (my extension again)
Password: abc123 (my extension password)
DomainRealm: (trixbox IP address )
SIP Proxy: (trixbox IP address )