Controlling Bandwidth

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Controlling IAX bandwidth

In the iax.conf config file the following parameters can be used to adjust the used bandwidth.


When the bandwidth is set to low, Asterisk will use the codec with the lowest bandwidth available. For more info on codecs and their bandwidth usage, see Audio_Codecs

Controlling SIP bandwidth

In the sip.conf:


This will tell the sip-device what bandwidth is available (in kbps). This value defaults to 256 kbit/s.

Possibilities of X-lite

  • "Zero Touch bandwidth detection"
  • QoS maybe not implemented in the free version (is an advertised feature for the non-free version)
  • Both X-lite and Eyebeam support Auto Bandwidth - Automatically measures available bandwidth and adjusts codec selection accordingly. Perhaps is Asterisk or IAX reporting the available bandwidth.