Used software

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The software we used is often freeware, or a (limited) trial.

VoIP software

  • VoIPBuster Windows VoIPBuster client (free)
  • Trixbox Linux distribution specially made for Asterisk, based on CentOS.

Phone emulators

Network tools

  • Ethereal The world's most popular network protocol analyzer :P

Misc. Windows applications

  • DV-driver This software emulates a webcam in Windows (accessible to multiple applications at the same time) and can show the stream from a normal DV-camcorder, or show a pre-recorded stream (played back from tape). The trial-version only allows you to use the cam for 5 minutes, after which the software has to reconnect to the camera. (trial)
  • MWsnapshot Tool to create snapshots under Windows. (freeware)