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The start-page of the Trixbox web-interface: (default-login: user:maint pass:password)

Screenshot Trixbox homepage.png

On the FreePBX setup-page, you'll have to setup one or more extensions (SIP-phones)

Screenshot FreePBX Setup.png

Select the right type of device (Generic SIP Device) and press Submit.

Screenshot FreePBX Setup add-extension.png

Choose a number for your SIP-device (We started counting from "200") and a proper Display Name (e.g. name of person using that device) Also fill in the password ("secret") for that device to initialize. Leave the rest as default for now.

Screenshot FreePBX Setup add-extension2.png

After making changes, you'll have to apply the new settings. Go to the Setup-menu and press the large red button:

Screenshot FreePBX Setup apply configuration.png

And also the following alert.

Screenshot FreePBX Setup apply configuration confirm.png

In the FreePBX-panel-window, all extensions can be viewed. Not available (not logged on) SIP-phones will appear faded, as can be seen on the screenshot.

Screenshot FreePBX Panel.png

To use external services, like VoIPBuster, you'll have to define a Trunk. Go to "Trunks" in the Setup menu.

Screenshot FreePBX Setup Trunks.png

Since we're using a SIP-service from VoIPBuster, use "Add SIP Trunk".

Screenshot FreePBX Setup Trunks add-SIP-trunk.png

Use the settings you've created when registering with VoIPBuster. Leave the rest as default and click on the "Submit Changes"-button.

Screenshot FreePBX Setup Trunks add-SIP-trunk-settings.png

To reroute certain calls through VoIPBuster, you have to create a route. This route looks at the format of the number entered. "XXXXXXXXXX" matches a 10-digit number. (X equals [0-9], Z = [1-9] and N = [2-9]) See also the Dial-patterns.

Screenshot FreePBX Setup add outbound route.png

In the Panel display, the trunks are now displayed.

Screenshot FreePBX Panel extensions and Trunks added.png

The SIP-configuration of X-lite is as follows. The Display-name, Username (extension-code) and password are the ones you've created earlier while creating extensions.

Screenshot X-lite SIPaccount.png

After you've made some calls, you can review them in the Reports-section of FreePBX.

Screenshot FreePBX call-logs.png