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app_conference wiki: Asterisk + app_conference

Design goals

It has several design goals which are different than meetme:

  • It does not require a zap channel for timing.
  • It is very efficient when used with channels which support DTX (silence detection/discontinuous transmission).
  • It can do VAD on channels which do not support DTX (although this is probably more expensive than just mixing them).
  • It presents messages on the Monitor interface for determine which speakers are active.

I believe that people other than myself are using this, but my environment is pretty rigid, and cases outside of this aren't tested:

  • Some callers come from the PSTN via IAX2 from a box with Zaptel cards, via uLaw.
  • Other callers come from iaxclient based softphones using GSM via IAX2 (with DTX).


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