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X-lite has various video codecs implemented. The implemented codecs of the X-lite 3.0 version are H.263 and H.263+. For example YouTube and Google Video also use this encoding format. The improvement of H.263 has lead to the development of H.263v2 (or H.263+) in 1998 and H.263v3 (or H.263++) in 2000. A significant improvement has lead to the development of H.264 and is also known as MPEG-4 (part 10). This H.264 codec is not available when using X-lite, but is available when using eyebeam 1.5, although some codecs require payment of royalities for their use in a product or program.

H.263 is a codec designed for videoconferencing using low-bitrate compression. It is optimized for low bandwidth usage and relatively slow motion. Transfer rates of the H.263 and H.261 are given in the table below. With H.263 the contraints on the bit rate are applied externally and are given by the used terminal or the network.

Codec Compression method Transfer rate
H.263 Videocodec (DCT) 16-256 Kbps
G.261 Videocodec (DCT) 64-256 Kbps