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The home-wizard URLs:

Note that the password is sent plain-text in the url. Base of url is: http://<ip-homewizard>/<wachtwoord>

Read switchnumbers

  • /swlist

Read switchen and sensor status

  • /get-sensors

Switch (e.g. lamp) on or off

  • /sw/<switch-number>/<on|off>

Operate dimmer

  • /sw/dim/<dimmer-number>/<value 0 ... 255>

Scene on/off

  • /gp/<scene-number>/<on|off>

Other commands

  • /get-status : state of all sensors
  • /get-sensors : all devices and sensors
  • /notifications: all your notifications
  • /nf-receivers: notification receivers
  • /timers: overview of timers
  • /suntimes/today: sunrise & sunset of today
  • /wea/get: your location according to HomeWizard


Detection-sensors will be registered with an ID starting at 0 and a log will be created. This log will contain a timestamp for each event.

A doorbell will only have "yes" events and magnetic door-sensors or daylight-detectors will have a "yes" and "no" event (e.g. door opened, door closed). Both will be logged, including the event-type.

The logs can be retrieved using:

  • /kks/get/<id>/log

Temperature sensors

New temperature sensors will be assigned an ID starting at 0. The temperature and humidity will be logged with a timestamp.


To get the log:

  • /te/graph/<id>/day-week-month-year


For the current day, the resolution is one sample per 15 minutes.


20% of the data will be kept by removing 4 entries out of 5.


For each day, the minimum and maximum value will be stored.


Minimum and maximum of each month will be stored.