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Edit -> Preferences

  • General: You can fill in your personal data and leave everything default
  • H323 Settings: Gatekeeper:
Registering method: Gatekeeper host
Gatekeeper host:
Gatekeeper alias: 601

Gatekeeper host is the IP address and port of the gatekeeper. Port 1720 is the standard h323 port but for some reason our gatekeeper wants to listen to 1719.

Gatekeeper alias is the primary alias with the gatekeeper, also the extension number in Asterisk to keep things simple.

Tick the "Register this alias as the primary alias with the gatekeeper" box and Apply (after you've installed the gk) :).

  • H323 Settings: Gateway/Proxy settings:
    • H323 to H323 - Do not use gateway or proxy, these calls will only go via the gatekeeper, not the Trixbox
    • H323 to SIP - Gateway / Proxy host: (ip-address of the Trixbox). Use gateway or Proxy.
  • Codecs: Audio Codecs - We enabled all available codecs.
  • Codecs: Video Codecs - We have not been able to spend time on this
  • Devices:
    • Audio Devices:
      • Audio Plugin ALSA
      • Output device: Intel ICH5
      • Input device: Intel ICH5
    • Detect Devices

Comments: The gateway solution (in preferences -> H323 settings -> Gateway / Proxy settings) is ugly right now. Vefore placing a call you have to decide whether you are dialing a SIP or H323 extension and manually adjust the Gateway / Proxy settings:

H323 -> H323 is not handled by the Trixbox but just by the gatekeeper, the use gateway or proxy box should be unchecked (it does not work otherwise).

H323 -> SIP uses the Trixbox as gateway. So for these calls you have to check the use gateway or proxy box.